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City of Kakogawa

Kakogawa is located downstream on the Kakogawa River, the prefecture's largest river flowing in the eastern part of the Harima plains. The city is blessed with a warm climate, and has been developing and prospering as a post town on the Sanyodo road for a long time. The nearby coastline is home to one of the Japan's largest steel plants, and it is a key center in the Harima Coastal Industrial Zone. Kakogawa is also characterized by traditional local industries, such as socks and fittings. Major Commercial areas are located near the JR Kakogawa and Higashi Kakogawa Stations, where there are many shops including large-scale mass-market outlets. In addition, the city has temples and shrines that boast many cultural and a verdant natural environment such as Takamikura Mountain, where nature-lovers can readily enjoy mountain climbing. It is a city brimming with a sophisticated cultural heritage and assets including national treasures in expansive natural environment.

Yakuyoke Hachimangu Shrine

Kakogawa Maritime Culture Center

Kakogawa Dam

Takamikura Mountain

* Some of the pictures are provided by Kakogawa City.

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