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Facility Profile

Site area


Building area

Total 47,000m²

Total construction cost

12,135,000, 000 yen

Max. capacity

1,000 people
(including 120 people in the specialized unit)

Number of staff

Government 153
Private sector Approx 90

Harima Rehabilitation Program Center is designed to house male inmates aged 26 years and over who do not have advanced criminal. The other necessary conditions include: being sent to a prison for the first time, serving a term of at least one year but not exceeding eight years, having an ability to adapt to communal life, and having no significant mental or physical problems.
Of the 1000-inmate capacity, 120 are allocated to the specialized unit and those who have mental health problems are housed. Special treatment programs are provided for these inmates.
Staff members of the National Government number approximately 150. At least 100 of them are responsible for treatment of inmates and security services at the treatment. Staff members from the private sector mainly perform administrative work. By applying the system for the Special Zones for Structural Reform, the Center is also able to outsource various businesses, such as the monitoring of inmates' activities, medical examinations, educational programs and vocational training to help them reintegrate into society.

Prisons that Gain the Understanding
and Support of the Citizens.

Collaboration Between the Government
and the Private Sector

In introducing the PFI (Private Finance Initiative), we actively apply the expertise of a private sector, and strive to increase business efficiency the level of quality. In addition, we respect the humanity of the inmates, and support them in making a smooth transition in their reintegration into society. We also ensure transparency in our administrative services by promoting PR activities.

Harmony with the Local Community

Kakogawa was approved as the Special Zones for Structural Reform. This designation significantly expanded the scope for outsourcing to the private sector. It is expected to increase local employment opportunities, and make effective use of the resources of the local community. In addition, we will strive to contribute to the local community and coexist with them through the revitalization of local businesses by providing work opportunities associated with the facility and by actively participating in events held in the community.

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