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" The 9th Harima Rehabilitation Exhibit "

We hosted the 9th Harima Rehabilitation Exhibit on Saturday, October 28, 2017.
In spite of the bad weather, many people visited us. With the theme of "PFI prison that moves on with the community", we had lots of events such as annual facility tour, brass band playing, open-air tea ceremony (treating green tea and sweets), dance performance by kids, exhibition of messages from lives, puppet show, personality test, exhibition/commemorative photo of police car, fire engine and ambulance, and various booths etc., thanks to the cooperation of people who live or work in the neighborhood.
As for Shogi (Japanese chess) lesson held after the public talk by a shogi player, Hiromitsu Kanki 7-dan who is from Kakogawa city, people of all ages from children to the elderly played exciting games.
In addition, we held workshops of a part of correctional programs (Animal therapy / Pottery making) conducted by our center and we received favorable comments.

Facility tour (Waiting area)
【Facility tour (Waiting area)】
Puppet show
【Puppet show】
Brass band playing
【Brass band playing】
Exhibition of messages from lives
【Exhibition of messages from lives】
Public talk by Hiromitsu Kanki 7-dan
【Public talk by       
Hiromitsu Kanki 7-dan】
Petting therapy dogs
【Petting therapy dogs】
Pottery workshop (using electric wheels)
【Pottery workshop    
(using electric wheels)】

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