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Harima Rehabilitation Program Center

" The 10th Harima Rehabilitation Exhibit "


Saturday, 22nd September, 2018 10:00~15:00


Harima Rehabilitation Program Center
544 Sousa, Yahata-cho, Kakogawa City

Harima Rehabilitation Exhibit introduces the approaches to the reform and rehabilitation of prisoners by giving the public the opportunities for joining facility tour or showing exhibition panels in order to let them know about the Harima Rehabilitation Program Center which is the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) correctional facility managed by public-private partnership. And it is held to get a better understanding and cooperation towards the rehabilitation administration by giving the opportunities to introduce the local activities in order to develop the mutual relationship with the local area where Harima Rehabilitation Program Center is located.
We will engage the former Japanese female Olympian of Beijing Olympics, Yuriko Kobayashi who is currently active as a sports commentator, as a "one-day chief of our center", and have her join ribbon cutting ceremony and diverting lottery party held at Harima Rehabilitation Exhibit this year.
We are planning a large variety of carnival booths mainly hosted by the local associations, brass band playing, puppet show, balloon art show, dance performance by kids and diverting lottery party, and exhibition of emergency vehicles such as police motorcycle, police car, fire engine and ambulance at the event site.
In addition, "Petting Zoo" will be held at a large lawn area by the students of Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural High School. So, you will be able to enjoy petting small animals such as "Angora rabbit" which is very rare in Japan.
The facility tour of the juvenile training school, Kakogawa Gakuen/Harima Gakuen located next to the Harima Rehabilitation Program Center will also be held at the same time (the courtesy bus is available from our center) because it got favorable comments last year.
Please visit us with your family and friends as we have a lot of free parking areas.

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