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Term of Use, Harima Rehabilitation Program Center (Ver. 2.0)

1. Use of this website content

The released information (hereinafter referred to as "The Content") in our website is freely available for replication, public transmission, translation, changing like adaptation, etc. according to the following rules 1) ~ 6). Commercial use is possible as well. In addition, numerical data, basic table/chart, etc. are not subject to the copyright, they are freely available without application of these terms of use.
In using The Content, these terms of use are deemed to be agreed.

1) Description of reference

a) Please describe the reference in the case of using The Content. The way of describing the reference as follows.
(Example of description for reference)
Reference: Harima Rehabilitation Program Center Website
Reference: "Outline of the center" Harima Rehabilitation Program Center
        (used M/D/Y)

b) Please describe it was redacted and processed with the above reference when use the redacted and processed Content. It doesn't allow to publish or to use redacted/processed information that gives the appearance as if Government (or Government ministries, etc.) creates.
(Example of description for using the redacted/processed Content)
"Outline of the center" Harima Rehabilitation Program Center
   Processed and created it from
"Outline of the center" Harima Rehabilitation Program Center
   Created based on the website,
   by ○○inc.

2) Don't infringe the third party's right

a) There are some Content that third party (It means something other than Government and so forth.) has the copyright or other rights. As for The Content of which the third party has the copyright, or the right other than copyright (e.g.: portrait rights/publicity rights regarding photographs), please obtain the appropriate third party's consent at user's own responsibility, excepting clear description of the right whose processes were properly handled.

b) As for The Content that third party has the right, depending on the descriptions of references there are some cases showing/indicating directly or indirectly that the third party has the right, but other cases do not identify/define the parts that the third party clearly has the right. In case of use, please confirm it under user's own responsibility.

c) There are some cases to use the references which are permitted by the Copyright Act without consent of the owner's copyright, even though the third party has the copyright of The Content.

3) The Content which is not applied these terms of use

These terms of use shall not be applied to the following Content.

a) The emblems, logos and character designs which show the organizations or specific businesses.

b) The Content which defines the application of other rules and explains the reasonable grounds in detail.

4) Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

a) These terms of use are interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

b) As for the use of Content under these terms of use and the disputes concerning these terms of use, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of the organization which releases The Content pertaining to the said disputes or the terms of use shall have the exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.

5) Disclaimer

a) Government shall not have any responsibility of acts that users do with The Content. (Including use information from redacted/processed Content.)

b) There are some cases that The Content will be changed, transferred and deleted without prior notice.

6) Others

(a) These terms of use shall not restrict to use references that are permitted by the Copyright Act.

(b) These terms of use were established on March 1, 2016. And it complies with the governmental standard terms of use (Ver. 2.0). There is a possibility to change these terms of use in the future, however, the terms and conditions are continuously applied if you already use The Content according to the previous version of the governmental standard terms of use.

(c) These terms of use are compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (licensing terms and conditions for copyright specified in Hereinafter referred to as "CCBY"), The Content to which is applied these terms of use is available by complying with CCBY.

Copyright © Harima Rehabilitation Program Center. All rights reserved.