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The Treatment of Inmates and the Flow of Activities
- From admission to release -

We strive to motivate the inmates to improve and rehabilitate themselves based on self-considering according to the inmate’s nature and the environment, and to develop the ability to adapt themselves to life in society.

Reintegration into Society
Enabling Inmates to Take Their Place as Productive
Members of Society

Harima Rehabilitation Program Center motivate inmates' rehabilitation and provides them with necessary skills by employing the combined programs of vocational training and rehabilitation program developed by a private sector. The Center helps them to secure fundamentals of life after also release in such a way to support for finding employment in collaboration with public employment security offices. For those who need the use of welfare systems, staff members from the private sector make necessary arrangement with welfare organizations to assist inmate's life after release. In this way, Harima Rehabilitation Program Center provides a wide range of support for inmates for their successful rehabilitation.

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